Weekly Reads 05.01.18

January 5, 2018 Marina Mitrashov

Happy New Year! Our first weekly reads of 2018 starts with research from Wall Street Journal about how Google and hotel chains are working together to limit online travel agencies' (OTAs) use of keywords when advertising hotel rooms.

We then move to Expedia’s findings from testing user emotions and their impact on booking, and we finish off with an infographic by NetAffinity on how to conduct a site usability test.

Google Makes It Harder for Travelers to Find the Best Prices on OTAs

Google Pricing OTAs Hotel Hospitality Data Platform

Google is using its dominance of the search market to limit competition in the online travel business — for its benefit, the Wall Street Journal charges in a new editorial.

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Expedia Studies How Online Travel Shopping Makes You Feel

Expedia Studies Shopping Hotel Hospitality Data Platform Hotel Hospitality Data Platform

Expedia's emotional impact tests, done with eye-tracking glasses and sensors placed on the face allow researchers to understand how emotions impact bookings. Here are the findings.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Conduct A Site Usability Test

Usability Test Hotel Hospitality Data Platform

How often do you go to your hotel website and look at it with fresh eyes? It can be difficult to look at your own site impartially, from the user’s perspective. The solution to this problem is to conduct a usability test. Here's how to do it.

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New Year, Better Technology! Upgrade to a Free Trial of Analytics Pro

Snapshot Analytics Pro Hotel Hospitality Data Platform

Try a month free of SnapShot's newest app, Analytics Pro! With Analytics Pro, you can enjoy all of SnapShot's hotel analytics tools in one powerful bundle, including an all-inclusive analytics dashboard, automatic alerts, advanced OTA commission tracking, tools to analyze your forecast and budget compared to on-the-books data, a custom report builder, and more. It's a full data force for your hotel!

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