When It Comes to Big Data Hoteliers Must Think Creatively

October 18, 2016 SnapShot Team

Recently our Head of Education was speaking to a hotelier about the best way to set up and use his new SnapShot Analytics dashboard. Their conversation started by the hotelier admitting, “OK this is great! But once I see the data, I’m not sure what to do with it.” He's not alone! Many hoteliers are looking for better ways to understand what's happening and what will most likely happen at their hotels. 

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Your Hotel Data Checklist: Top Tips For Understanding Customers Through Data

August 9, 2016 Kevin O'Rourke

This post is brought to you in cooperation with SiteMinder and was written by Kevin O'Rourke,
Executive Vice President of Global Sales at SiteMinder. 

Our industry might be a "people" business first and foremost, but despite what anyone might try to tell you to the contrary, it's a "data" business, too. Take a look around your hotel and you’ll find that data is everywhere: Guests details, your occupancy levels, the revenue being driven by food and beverage, your online reviews and their ratings. The list goes on. 

In delivering the ultimate guest experience, there’s a lot of work needed. It’s work that centers on numbers and data. So how do you take quantitative and qualitative data and use it to understand your guests and your business? And perhaps more crucially, which key metrics should you be focused on when using the technology technology currently available to your hotel? In this article, we'll show you how to use your channel manager, your online booking engine, and your hotel website traffic to better attract and keep customers. 

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Why Hotels Need Big Data

January 25, 2016 Martin Soler
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