Curing the Big Headache of Using Big Data

August 4, 2015 SnapShot Team

Any time there is a paradigm shift there will ensue endless discussion and debate before the crux is delivered. This is the case with the Big Data debate prevailing. Big Data has the potential to guarantee big gains for hoteliers, but the downside early on may be a big headache.

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Beyond Big Data: Why Small Data Matters and What Your Hotel Can Do About It

October 24, 2014 SnapShot Team

Reading through hospitality publications about trends in hotel technology, one undoubtedly comes to conclusion that the biggest disruptive force to impact the industry in the coming years is Big Data. Anxiety and malaise start to creep in when confronted with questions like: What is your Big Data strategy? Or What are you doing to tackle Big Data? Although most of us have by now understood this nebulous buzz word (a LOT of data), what to really do with it and how to really go about Big Data remains unclear. Is it a problem of understanding the concept or the fact that, simply put, our industry is not yet ready for Big Data?

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