Insights from The Soap Man: Hotelier Wulf Van Alkemade

February 26, 2016 Clay Bassford

Wulf Van Alkemade, the Amsterdam-based hotelier, is a lot harder to track down than most in the hospitality industry. Google his name and you won’t find much. No Twitter. No LinkedIn. Barely a mention on the “About Us” pages for the international companies he’s founded. There’s a rumor, probably false, of his side-lining for Dutch intelligence. Van Alkemade is usually averse to interviews, but agreed to talk with us at length for this story. What we learned is he prefers to calculate behind the scenes, studying hospitality industry trends, and acting when the time is right, often before anyone else knows what's about to happen. 

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Designing A New Hotel Analytics: A Conversation with SnapShot CEO Stefan Tweraser

February 18, 2016 Clay Bassford

Stefan and I link up as he hurtles south through the Alps on the Eurorail towards Salzburg. He's just returned from a trip to China to meet with potential clients and he's already en route to yet another meeting. You can tell he's excited about the upcoming closed beta testing of SnapShot Analytics– SnapShot's flagship hotel analytics platform. And for good reason: it's the first of it's kind cloud-based dashboard for hotel data and analytics. 

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25 hours COO Michael End on Hotel Tech, Analytics, and Growth

October 19, 2015 Clay Bassford

Michael End, COO 25hours (photo by Georg Roske)

Welcome to the first in our new interview series. We’re chatting with forward-thinking hoteliers to get their take on the current state of technology in the hotel industry. How do hoteliers actually approach technology in their day-to-day operations? What works for them? What doesn’t work? How do they think about things like social media, analytics, and online travel agents? And how do they use technology and data to shape their demand management, revenue management, and asset management strategies?

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