Data Usage Phases in Hospitality Industry (German)

May 3, 2019 SnapShot Team

At SnapShot, we believe the value of data is so great that we couldn't resist translating our Data Usage Phases in Hospitality Industry Article in German for our German speak audience. We hope you enjoy!

Daten stellen beim Betrieb eines Hotels ein wichtiges Instrument dar und werden in große und kleine Datenmengen sowie in strukturierte und unstrukturierte Daten unterteilt. Aufgrund des Einsatzes von PMS, POS-Systemen, Bewertungs-Plattformen für Gäste, OTAs, Prognose- und Budgetierungstools usw. werden täglich so viele Daten produziert und empfangen, dass alle zukünftigen Technologien mit Sicherheit auf Daten und Integrationen angewiesen sein werden. 

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Data Usage Phases in Hospitality Industry

April 17, 2019 SnapShot Team

Data is a critical tool to a hotel’s operations and is broken down into big data, small data, structured data, and unstructured data. Since hotels use various systems, including PMS, POS systems, guest reputation platforms, OTAs, forecast and budgeting tools, and so on, there is an enormous amount of data being produced and received daily. Add to that, hotel groups and chains who have similar data per property and sometimes use the same or different systems based on location or because they were historically set up that way. With massive amounts of data now available to hotels, it’s safe to say that all future technologies will rely on data and integrations.

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Don't forget to include technology for this hotel budget planning season!

October 17, 2018 Kristina S. Park

It’s that time of year again - hotel budget planning season. While it may not be the most exciting or festive of seasons, a hotel’s business, or any business, cannot survive without a budget! You’re the expert on your hotel’s budget from knowing your hotel on the inside and out, but with every budget planning season, comes new technology and updates to existing software and tools, which is where we’re here to help. While strategies vary depending on your hotel type, technology is applicable to every hotel and must be considered when determining your budget for the upcoming year.

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