Understanding The Cloud: Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing for Hotels

September 6, 2016 Clay Bassford

It's an unfortunate truth that hotels are sometimes behind the curve when it comes to adopting the latest techology. This makes sense, as hoteliers are first and foremost focused on the human side of the business: taking care of guests. After all, it is called the hospitality industry. In the end, this delayed adoption of new tools can work in favor of hoteliers, as new tech is tested by other more adventurous users before being adopted by the wider hospitality industry. Yet, hoteliers who wait too long miss out on innovative new ways to increase guest satisfaction and revenue.  

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Current Trends in Hotel Tech: 2016

July 27, 2016 Clay Bassford

It's been a while since we touched base with SnapShot COO and co-founder David Turnbull and a lot has changed since then. Over 1,200 hotels are using SnapShot analytics right now! Not only that, but we're at over sixty employees currently (and growing!) with plans to expand outside of Europe into North America and elsewhere in the very near future. But SnapShot isn't the only thing growing at a breakneck pace, the entire hotel tech industry is evolving like never before. Cloud-based tech, advanced data analytics, and other digitally-enabled trends are revolutionizing the industry. So we figured it'd be a good time to sit with with David and chat about current trends in hotel tech and what these changes mean for hotels in the future. We sat down for a coffee recently for an informal reflection on what's happening so far. Take a look. 

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Hotel Tech Insiders: Vikram Singh

June 15, 2016 Clay Bassford

It's time for the second edition of our new series, SnapShot's Hotel Tech Insiders, where we chat with thought leaders and forward thinkers in hospitality about how they view hotel technology, data, and how that informs their businesses. So whether we're chatting with a GM at a boutique hotel, a PMS provider, or a hotel marketer, you're in for some interesting insight. This week, we speak with Vikram Singh, VP Hotel Demand Management, Rainmaker Group, and author of the popular blog, Words of Vikram

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