If I'd had more time, I would have been a Data Scientist

February 28, 2018 David Turnbull

Twisting Mark Twain’s famous “If I had more time” quote, David Turnbull, SnapShot’s Founder & Chief Commercial Officer discusses the recent launch of SnapShot's new Data Warehouse as a Service Product, SnapShot on Demand, reflecting on what would happen to the current generation of hotel revenue managers if the pains of collecting and storing data were simply removed.

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Tech Investments, CEO Roundtables, and Bleisure Millenials

February 23, 2018 Denis Fortmann

The latest weekly reads is out! This week we focus on the correlation between hotels investing in technology and guests investing in hotels. Which technologies are actually worth their money and serve not only the hotel, but also the guests? Our second read is piece by USA TODAY about their annual hotel CEO roundtable with the CEOs of David Kong, Elie Maalouf, Patrick Pacious and Jamie Sabatier, discussing the latest developments in security, technology and room service. Read number three includes findings of a survey about the digital interaction of Millenials during bleisure travel journeys. 

Happy reading!

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Travel Startup Trends, Google and Hackable Hotel Keys

February 16, 2018 Denis Fortmann

We have some important reads for you this week. First off we start with an interesting read about 4 major trends that will have an impact on the travel startup ecosystem. The second article is a new read about how Google wants to move forward in owning travel. The last read is about the hackability of digital hotel keys, a technology nowadays used in more and more major hotel chains.

Happy reading!

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