Data Snaps - Locking down your customers to build brand loyalty

July 5, 2019 Kristina S. Park

They say that the customer is king across many industries. In the hospitality industry, the industry of service, the customers are the ultimate priority. With the growing innovation in hospitality technology, more companies disrupting the industry, and the developments and improvements in operations, better serving the customer and increasing loyalty is the all-time goal for all industry players.

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Data Snaps - Is AI the new buzzword?

June 28, 2019 Kristina S. Park

With HITEC Minneapolis behind us now, there has been a lot of follow-up buzz from the hospitality technology conference. As always, the industry is looking forward and seeing which technology will pave the way for the future of innovation. Key takeaways?

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Crack the Case - the Mystery of Missing Pick Ups

June 25, 2019 SnapShot Team

We've talked a lot about the importance of data. "Use your data," "Make your data work for you" - you've heard it quite often, right? But what actually stands behind these phrases?

To illustrate the power of data visualization and data analytics, we are going to share with you a series of real cases, which could happen to any given hospitality organization. Read the article to see how data analytics helps "crack" the case. This week, we will show you how to increase your revenue by analyzing your Pick ups. 

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