Revenue mistakes, GDPR and as an agency

March 16, 2018 Denis Fortmann

We have some truly great reads for you this week!

Making revenue as a hotel is a complicated undertaking. Back in the day, revenue management meant opening and closing availability and rates. When Online Travel Agents entered the scene, the industry became obsessed with simple adjustments of rates. Today, the playing field is drastically more complex. In our first read we present you five common mistakes that you should avoid. The clock is ticking towards GDPR. Have you already worked out what this means for your hotel or hospitality business? Read number two explains where to pay attention. Have you wondered why you recently saw some flight-plus-hotel feature or car rental and hotel transfer add on on website? In case you didn´t know, is on the road to becoming a full service online travel agency. Read number three outlines their plan. 

Happy reading. 

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ITB, Booking vs. Airbnb & Rate Visibility on Google

March 9, 2018 Denis Fortmann

ITB 2018 is in full swing! We hope it has been successful for you so far. Did you pick up all the news about the latest travel and tech trends in the industry? If not, we got you covered in our weekly reads.

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Mark Twain, blockchain and other game changers

March 2, 2018 Denis Fortmann

Only a few more days to go until ITB 2018! Are you as excited as we are? Just in case you still have some free time and would like to join us for a drink, simply scroll down to the end of this blog, click on the "Count Me In" link and we’ll save you a chilled SnapSHOT.

Speaking of time, we have some great reads for you this week. David Turnbull, CCO and Founder of SnapShot is putting Mark Twain´s " If I had more time" quote into the context of new opportunities arising with new technologies, such as the recently launched data warehouse as a service product, SnapShot On Demand. The next two reads are about new technologies that are here to stay: blockchain and artificial intelligence. How will these technologies change the game? How can the hospitality industry benefit from them? Read on to find out.

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