Data Usage Phases in Hospitality Industry (German)

May 3, 2019 SnapShot Team

At SnapShot, we believe the value of data is so great that we couldn't resist translating our Data Usage Phases in Hospitality Industry Article in German for our German speak audience. We hope you enjoy!

Daten stellen beim Betrieb eines Hotels ein wichtiges Instrument dar und werden in große und kleine Datenmengen sowie in strukturierte und unstrukturierte Daten unterteilt. Aufgrund des Einsatzes von PMS, POS-Systemen, Bewertungs-Plattformen für Gäste, OTAs, Prognose- und Budgetierungstools usw. werden täglich so viele Daten produziert und empfangen, dass alle zukünftigen Technologien mit Sicherheit auf Daten und Integrationen angewiesen sein werden. 

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Data Snaps - How to stay ahead of the industry as more tech titans are moving into hospitality?

May 3, 2019 Kristina S. Park

This week we’re diving into something that we’ve all known for a while, but now we’re highlighting the extent of the situation. Tech titans have been growing as a threat across multiple industries, and it’s a known fact that they’re encroaching into the hospitality industry’s territory. Google has made its move into the industry, and now Amazon is entering too. Read on to learn how to stay competitive, how to own your customer, and how data science can help you understand the competition, so you too have a chance to sit on the Iron Throne.

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Data Snaps - 26/04/19

April 26, 2019 Kristina S. Park

At SnapShot we love data.

We believe in data so much that we have revamped our “Weekly Reads” to present you with “Data Snaps”. With our new weekly posts, you’ll find summaries of the most relevant data news from the week and our expert insights on the data happenings. Instead of combing through multiple news sources to stay up to date on data news, we’re bringing an easy-to-read summary of the most important data news.

Happy reading!

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