What Independents and Small to Mid-Sized Hotel Chains Must Understand Differently About Their Data

January 19, 2018 Margaret Ady

Malcolm Gladwell’s book David and Goliath uncovered a common misconception about the story of the powerful giant versus the little shepherd. Gladwell notes that when you really understand the story, you’ll find that Goliath has several setbacks (his vision is poor, his armor too heavy), and David “sees” his opportunity to defeat the giant. Often what or who we perceive as the “powerhouse” is not so, and our ability to tap into our own advantages—to play our own game instead of the giant’s—will propel us ahead.

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Weekly Reads 05.01.18

January 5, 2018 Marina Mitrashov

Happy New Year! Our first weekly reads of 2018 starts with research from Wall Street Journal about how Google and hotel chains are working together to limit online travel agencies' (OTAs) use of keywords when advertising hotel rooms.

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Putting an End to Silos: How To Wow with Integrated Technology

December 15, 2017 Margaret Ady

A fly on the wall of a conversation about hotels and technology will almost invariably hear the word silos. How technology silos are holding us back, for instance. Data silos are a barrier in any organization, but this term doesn’t adequately convey the true mess that the hospitality finds itself in. The problem is that silos suggest order. Some logical grouping of like things. But this is hardly what we have in hospitality anymore.

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