SnapShot and MasterYield Team Up to Bring Advanced Analytics to Hotels across Spain and Europe

Apr 20, 2017 11:46:57 AM Margaret Ady

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Berlin, Germany, April 20, 2017 - SnapShot, provider of fully integrated applications for the hospitality industry, announced today that it has signed a new partnership agreement with Spanish property management system, MasterYield, through which a hundred of the company’s hotels will now be using the SnapShot platform.

MasterYield clients will have access to SnapShot Analytics, a powerful tool which tracks and interprets performance by looking at revenue, website traffic, social media trends, and many other statistics, harnessing the full power of all data available to hoteliers. SnapShot Analytics is part of the fleet of apps that make up SnapShot Marketplace, a hub of cutting edge tools to better manage day-to-day and longer-term hotel operations.

“We look forward to working with MasterYield and equipping the company’s hotels across Europe with the latest technology in the field,” says David Turnbull, SnapShot’s co-founder. “Our apps empower hoteliers by providing a better understanding of the data available to them, thus enabling them to best cater to their guests and increase revenue.”

MasterYield is dedicated to the research and development of solutions tailored to modern hoteliers’ needs. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, the company is based in Spain, providing services not only to Spanish customers but also to those located in other countries such as the UK, Portugal and Russia and across South and Central America.

“Working with SnapShot, we wanted to provide our customers with a new form of Data Analytics, through a very intuitive web platform that is very clear but efficient and allows not only the analysis of data generated by our PMS MasterYield, but also from additional sources, offering hotel management a complete overview of their business”, says Boris Heister, MasterYield’s Co-Founder and Project Manager.

About SnapShot

Founded in 2013 in Zell-am-See, Austria, SnapShot is a hotel data company and marketplace for hotel applications, with offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States. In the last 12 months, SnapShot has signed more than 3,000 hotels to its platform, as well as 40+ data partners.

The Snapshot Marketplace offers a wide range of applications from Snapshot and third party developers. These include comprehensive hotel data analytics, easy-to-use budget control tools and a user-centric hotel communication/messaging service.

Acting as a hub for application developers needing to access and work with hotel data for applications and hotels needing secure, integrated applications, SnapShot is a unique resource in the industry, allowing a fast and efficient access to technology for hotels, and a rapid and secure access to hotel data for developers. To find out more, visit

About MasterYield

Founded as MasterYield in 2012 in Seville and Málaga, but having provided software for hoteliers since 1997 under different names, MasterYield is a Property Management System that employs the latest marketing and sales techniques, combined with the most recent advances in Yield and Revenue Management.

MasterYield is the result of the fusion of two closely related companies: one with more than 25 years of experience in the hotel sector, which is committed to research and innovation, and another with technological, analysis and programming roots.

For more information, visit