Introducing: The Hotel Technology Index

October 13, 2016 Clay Bassford

hotel_tech_index_blog_post_header-2.jpg When a new team member joins SnapShot, our training includes educating new colleagues on the major concepts and terminology of our corner of the industry. Whether we came from the hospitality industry or from the tech space, there's always something new to learn. Afterall, we're an industry that is certainly well-versed in acronyms, complex business terminology, and quickly evolving technology. 

The most challenging part of the learning process is often in developing a comprehensive overview of the Hotel Tech space. Who are the players and in which areas do they specialize? What software and technology solutions are out there? What are key terms I should know so I can keep up with the hot industry trends of the moment? 

New Call-to-actionIt can be hard to answer these questions. Not because the knowledge isn't available, but because it isn't easily accessible. Instead, the information is dispersed throughout hundreds of websites, blogs, and industry and academic publications. Then it dawned on us: If a Hotel Tech-specific knowledge base, index, wiki, or whatever else you'd like to call it, didn't exist yet, why not just build it ourselves? So we did.


The Hotel Technology Index is the result of hundreds of hours of research, brainstorming, and cataloging. More than anything, though, it's the result of a clear need for a go-to resource for the hotel technology industry. A place where students, newcomers, and experts alike can come to get a better understanding of key players, terminology, and new technology.


The prototype for this idea was the Hotel Distribution Tech Index, which listed major distribution tech-specific players by subcategory and type. Many wrote us asking to be included or to revise certain details. We received a ton of incredible feedback on this earlier index and learned a lot from the experience. 

We knew we wanted our next major educational project to be more interactive. We wanted it to be independent of our blog, and of the educational and marketing goals of this blog. That's why the Hotel Tech Index has its own website, and is updated by the industry itself. Beyond the "Powered by SnapShot" icon at the very bottom of the site, we have minimal influence on the Index's content, aside from removing duplicates and adding updates. 

Below the Index, is a form where anyone can submit additions or updates, so that as people use it, the knowledge base will grow. We're hoping the Hotel Technology Index will become a resource for anyone in the industry. 

And most importantly, this resource is free and open to the public.

We hope you enjoy it! And please send us any feedback you have! 

To view the Hotel Technology Index click here

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