The Hotel Technology Distribution Chart

August 6, 2015 SnapShot Team


Understanding the technology in the hotel distribution space can be challenging, so many players and so much technology. A visual representation of this technology can help grasp the landscape and "fit the pieces into the puzzle."

Understanding Hotel Technology and thus Hotel Data

New Call-to-actionPart of working on Hotel Demand Management, Hotel Analytics and Hotel Data, and its many layers, meant getting a good grasp of the segments, and the technology players. We thought we could help hoteliers, and future hoteliers, by illustrating our efforts with a simple chart.

Here is the first version of The Hotel Distribution Technology Chart. It should to help you by illustrating the various technology providers and how they dovetail one to the next. By understanding the technology players on the market and their hotel tech segments, you can get an idea of the data that is potentially available at each level and thus start working out your big data, small data and so forth.

How to read this chart:

The chart is divided in three main distribution segments: Online, Travel Agents and Events and such distribution services as Shiji Distribution Solutions. These groups represent the majority of the business hotels receive. Within these three segments there are several layers, which go from the hotel (center of the chart) towards the guest (outer rim of the chart).

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Each layer of technology connects to the previous layer, and brings the information to the next layer.

A simple example is how the Property Management System (PMS) connects to a Channel Manager, which connects to an OTA, which then connects to a search engine for advertising, and finally to the guest.

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To download a higher resolution person of this chart click here: Hotel-Distribution-Technology-Chart---v1---2015---SnapShot_1