Launch of the Masters of Science in Global Hospitality Business

December 16, 2014 SnapShot Team

Three world-renown Hotel schools announce the launch of their brand-new Master program. SnapShot is a proud partner and Professional Certificate provider.

Michael Rochat, General Director, EHL opening the ceremony.

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Tame Your Data

November 18, 2014 SnapShot Team

In our last blog post we had discussed why Big Data is not yet a concern for hoteliers. Instead the focus should be on taming the existing small data.

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(You Should Be) Making Big Efforts To Tackle Small Data

October 24, 2014 SnapShot Team

Reading through hospitality publications about trends in hotel technology, one undoubtedly comes to conclusion that the biggest disruptive force to impact the industry in the coming years is Big Data. Anxiety and malaise start to creep in when confronted with questions like, what is your Big Data strategy? Or What are you doing to tackle Big Data? Although most of us have by now understood this nebulous buzz word (a LOT of data), what to really do with it and how to really go about Big Data remains unclear. Is it a problem of understanding the concept or the fact that, simply put, our industry is not yet ready for Big Data?

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SnapShot V1 Ready For Launch

October 1, 2014 SnapShot Team
Are you managing Excel or your hotel’s demand?

The question we have been provocatively asking the hospitality industry.

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