Michael Heinze Explains Why Hotel Tech Can Be Sexy

September 11, 2015 SnapShot Team

SnapShot Travel's recent fund-raise of Euro 25 million raised a few eyebrows in the industry.

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The Hotel Technology Distribution Chart

August 6, 2015 SnapShot Team

Understanding the technology in the hotel distribution space can be challenging, so many players and so much technology. A visual representation of this technology can help grasp the landscape and "fit the pieces into the puzzle."

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Curing the Big Headache of Using Big Data

August 4, 2015 SnapShot Team

Any time there is a paradigm shift there will ensue endless discussion and debate before the crux is delivered. This is the case with the Big Data debate prevailing. Big Data has the potential to guarantee big gains for hoteliers, but the downside early on may be a big headache.

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Analytics To Increase Business Travel Segment

July 29, 2015 SnapShot Team

Today's business traveler offers hoteliers great new opportunities for increasing bookings. As this resurgent class of travelers demands for new and better ways to book their stays, only the totally engaged properties will be able to capitalize. While some big hotel brands keep business travelers loyal to their brands successfully, the competition is ramping up with services like Airbnb Business Travel. The challenge is to identify business travelers and their needs unerringly and timely.

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