Investors Believe in Helping Hotels With Better Technology

July 7, 2015 SnapShot Team

Founders and Board Members of SnapShot

SnapShot has received a substantial (€25 million) investment from Shiji Networks to build better hotel analytics for every hotel, large or small.

For the past few years we have been building a platform to manage a hotel's demand. This first iteration of innovation was the first platform of its kind, complex and powerful. It took us a lot of time to create a tool that could structure hotel data, and turn it into a unique demand management platform.

Hotel Demand Management Platform by SnapShot

The success of the platform is obvious: finally hotel data can be analysed by revenue managers and hoteliers, and can be structured to become readable and comparable with all other important relevant factors that drive hotel booking demand.

Even before we delivered this solution to the first clients, we understood that this platform will actually be the foundation for even more impressive data analysis tools. We realized we could give hoteliers a shortcut to leveraging Big Data for any operation. With SnapShot Analytics, Big Data analysis will be be far more effortless.

SnapShot’s existing investors saw this early on, so we began a journey of substantial innovation, a story of building the very first usable and simple hotel analytics tool.

After our seed investment from STR, STR Global and Shiji Networks, we have now raised an additional €25 million to build this powerful hotel analytics tool. The significance is monumental for a company like ours, because it means we can focus on caring for our clients and delivering game changing products. It is also significant because Shiji Networks works with AliTravel and Alibaba that are two of the most successful start-ups in history.

This tool will be accessible to every hotel, and will help hoteliers understand the factors that affect their demand better. With the coming SnapShot Analytics, the business of turning intelligence into intelligent decisions takes a paradigm leap. The age of key data-driven decisions is about to be supercharged.

And this is what we are building for hotels right now.

To mark the evolution we have changed our colors, and built a whole new (and awesome) "coming soon" website.

What does this mean for you?

Faster improvements on our existing platform and better service.

If you are not a SnapShot customer yet, it means that you are soon going to see a great, new and easy to use hotel analytics platform. To get on the waiting list for the beta launch, sign up here.

What about the coaching and education?

That's about to get bigger and better too: we will organize more SnapShot Bootcamps with universities, and we are also planning some other interesting workshops and programs, which we will announce in the near future.

In addition to all of the above, we are going to share more information through our blog, because we want to expand the reach of information beyond university classrooms, directly to you. We want every hotelier to benefit from this information. To follow our updates subscribe up to our newsletter and get every whitepaper and article delivered directly to your inbox.

SnapShot Services?

SnapShot services are getting better, too. We are adding more people to assist you and to help you get through all that Big Data stuff with ease, to turn it into helpful information, so that you can keep working like you always did, but more effective.

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