Understanding a New Hotel Intelligence with SnapShot COO David Turnbull

August 20, 2015 SnapShot Team

To learn more on the coming wave of data analytics tools and services, Travel Daily News talked with David Turnbull, Co-Founder & COO at SnapShot GmbH, one of the most talked about Big Data startups in the hospitality space.

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Hotels: To Manage Demand, Master Segmentation

June 19, 2015 SnapShot Team

Note: This is part two in a series of articles following our recent Hospitality Management MBA Bootcamp at ESSEC Paris. The session on Demand Generation and Segmentation was conducted by David Turnbull, the Chief Operating Officer, and co-founder of SnapShot.

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Tame The Hotel Data

November 19, 2014 SnapShot Team

In our last blog post we had discussed why Big Data is not yet a concern for hoteliers. Instead the focus should be on taming the existing small data.

Demand Management

It is understandable that the growing distribution complexity and the increasingly challenging business environment has put hoteliers under pressure to optimize their hotel profitability, increase brand value and strengthen relationships with their customers.

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