Finding the Right Source for Hotel Data

March 6, 2017 SnapShot Team

As an industry, we're entering a transformative stage where technology for hotels is becoming the differentiator and heart of what will make amazing hotel experiences of the future.  

Hotels have always been about personalization and guest experience. The best hotels are also the best at creating those incredible experiences. The difference today is that technology has become advanced enough to the point where it can assist hotels and guests in getting a unique experience.  

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The Hotel Technology Revolution We've All Been Waiting For

February 23, 2017 SnapShot Team

Ask hoteliers about their biggest pain points, and technology integration will invariably be among them. Hotels require a complex array of software and data sets to operate, and most of them still operate in silos. This makes data inaccessible and difficult to analyze. 

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How To Make Your PMS Stand Out

February 9, 2017 SnapShot Team

Hotels have an insane number of choices when it comes to their tech stack. At the core of this stack is the PMS, and there are hundreds out there vying for each hotel, touting cloud-based software, seamless technology integration, mobile-friendliness, and so much more. We feel for you PMS providers, selling a complex, expensive system in an uber-competitive environment. Luckily, opportunity abounds with supply in most major urban markets expected to continue growing. 

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