Weekly Reads 07.04.17

April 7, 2017 Marina Mitrashov


In this week’s reads, we are tackling the big issues head on, starting with whether or not hotel software can be as easy to manage as your smartphone? We continue by sharpening up your Cost-Per-Click skills to drive bookings to your hotel. Moving on, we cover Google’s first experimental travel product: sales of flight and hotel packages. We then finish off with a discussion on whether joining the Booking Genius program is the best strategy for your hotel. 

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Can Hotel Software Be As Easy to Manage as Your Smartphone?

April 6, 2017 Margaret Ady

If I want to manage my money, I can download the Mint app. If I want to manage my image, I’ll pop open my Linked In app. If I want to manage groceries, menus, and food budgets, I can download an app for that, and then I can use a different app to have everything I need delivered to my door. I can use my Uber app to get transportation to an event downtown. And I can use any number of messaging apps to coordinate with my house cleaning service, my lawn people, the guy who paints the house, my friends and colleagues… There’s an app for medical records and one for finding the best gas prices. I can order books—and anything else I need—on Amazon’s app. I can adjust the lights and heating in my apartment. Looking for a date? There are a million apps for that. Syncing up calendars with a friend or partner? There’s that, too.

The business of life is complicated, and, yet, I can basically run the whole thing on my iPhone. (And when I do, I’m freed up to spend more time with my people.) Hotels are complicated, but there’s no reason they can’t be managed from an iPhone either. Actually, we’re not suggesting you use your iPhone to manage your hotel, though you could and maybe should, but what if you could pick and choose and customize apps to manage your property with the same ease as a smartphone? Snapshot’s new Marketplace aims to do just that.

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SnapShot and Hotech Partner to Provide Hotels Across Turkey with an Advanced Analytics Dashboard

March 23, 2017 Margaret Ady

Berlin-based SnapShot, a big data and analytics company, has partnered with Hotech, a Turkish technology provider of professional software solutions, to equip the hospitality industry with advanced analytics and data visualization.

Under this partnership, Hotech’s AmonRa PMS and Otello Hospitality ERP users, in total 1200+ hotels, will now have access to SnapShot Analytics, a powerful tool that allows hotels of any size to interpret their performance by combining data from PMS, RMS, CRM, reputation aggregators, social media, website statistics and more into one simple to use dashboard.

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