What's New at SnapShot in 2016... So Far

November 4, 2016 SnapShot Team

We've been quite busy at SnapShot this year. But we haven't just been busy for the sake of being busy. We've grown in many meaningful ways:  In February, we launched our flagship product, SnapShot Analytics. Since then over 2,000 hotels have started using SnapShot Analytics and we've continued to make it better. We've added new team members to every department, developed relationships with new partners, participated in many events, conferences, workshops, and bootcamps, and so much more. All of this is representative of the major opportunity we see in the hotel data space. Hoteliers are desperately looking for better, easier, more efficient ways to operate their businesses, and so much can be done by making data more accessible and easier to use. Let's take a look back at all the major milestones we've had here at SnapShot. 

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When It Comes to Big Data Hoteliers Must Think Creatively

October 18, 2016 SnapShot Team

Recently our Head of Education was speaking to a hotelier about the best way to set up and use his new SnapShot Analytics dashboard. Their conversation started by the hotelier admitting, “OK this is great! But once I see the data, I’m not sure what to do with it.” He's not alone! Many hoteliers are looking for better ways to understand what's happening and what will most likely happen at their hotels. 

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Introducing: The Hotel Technology Index

October 13, 2016 Clay Bassford

 When a new team member joins SnapShot, our training includes educating new colleagues on the major concepts and terminology of our corner of the industry. Whether we came from the hospitality industry or from the tech space, there's always something new to learn. Afterall, we're an industry that is certainly well-versed in acronyms, complex business terminology, and quickly evolving technology. 

The most challenging part of the learning process is often in developing a comprehensive overview of the Hotel Tech space. Who are the players and in which areas do they specialize? What software and technology solutions are out there? What are key terms I should know so I can keep up with the hot industry trends of the moment? 

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