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Weekly Reads 16.06.17

June 19, 2017 Marina Mitrashov

We have some great reads this week, with a focus on boosting revenue by segmentation of hotel clientele. To this effect, we start off by sharing a great article on how to improve your hotel's revenue strategy with proper segmentation.

June is International Pride Month - with Tel Aviv Pride Parade tourists to bring in around $40 Million for the city, we have insights on the demographic and preferences of the Pride tourists.
In more sobering news, research reveals that online hotel booking scams are on the rise, duping the consumer and translating to nearly $4 billion each year. This is a rise of 18% in just two years.
We finish off on a lighter note, with fun and original Do Not Disturb signs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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09.06.17 Weekly Read

June 9, 2017 Marina Mitrashov

This week's reads are all about innovation and growth in the hospitality industry, with a few interesting examples on the importance of thinking outside of the box. We have a blog post by Snapshot’s head of marketing, Margaret Ady, on how to evaluate technology so that you can fail fast to succeed better. We see how Airbnb just made check-in easier for guest and hosts alike, with a low-tech but brilliant feature. We take a look at the next evolution of Expedia, from web company to platform. And we finish off with the entry of fashion designer Karl Lagerfield to the industry. 

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02.06.17 Weekly Reads

June 6, 2017 Marina Mitrashov

Let’s kick June off with some great reads! The Expedia Media Solutions survey reveals that web deals are a top inspiration for travelers across all generations, much more than celebrities. We also take a look at the top 10 hotel brands in the USA and see how Sweden and Airbnb are collaborating in order to attract American travelers. Finally, we share Google's insights on mobile versus desktop usage that every marketer should read.

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