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Travel Startup Trends, Google and Hackable Hotel Keys

February 16, 2018 Denis Fortmann

We have some important reads for you this week. First off we start with an interesting read about 4 major trends that will have an impact on the travel startup ecosystem. The second article is a new read about how Google wants to move forward in owning travel. The last read is about the hackability of digital hotel keys, a technology nowadays used in more and more major hotel chains.

Happy reading!

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Voice recognition, OTA love-hate and artificial intelligence

February 9, 2018 Denis Fortmann

Did you know that speach recognition technology is more precise than ever, with an error rate of only 8% ?How this effects travel marketing? Well, Frederic Gonzalo gives a detailed report in our first read. Skift sat down with hotel CEOs to find out what their strategies are to compete with OTA giants such as Expedia, Google and Airbnb. Will all hotels soon be leaving online travel agencies? Should you quite your relations with OTAs, too? Get the answer in our secong read. Read number three takes up the actual topic of artificial intelligence and describes what the term "intelligent hotel" really means and which exciting trends the hospitality industry can look forward too. 

Happy reading!

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Disrupting OTAs, big name technology vendors and Japanese robot slippers

February 2, 2018 Denis Fortmann

We have some great reads for you this week. First, we discuss if Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the OTA business. Then, we found an exciting opinion article by Jos Schaap, Founder and CEO of StayNTouch about the fact that choosing big names when buying new technology is not always the best idea. And lastly, we would like to introduce you to a traditional Japanese hotel and it´s very own way to integrate robot technology into their daily routine.

Happy reading!

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