Putting an End to Silos: How To Wow with Integrated Technology

December 15, 2017 Margaret Ady

A fly on the wall of a conversation about hotels and technology will almost invariably hear the word silos. How technology silos are holding us back, for instance. Data silos are a barrier in any organization, but this term doesn’t adequately convey the true mess that the hospitality finds itself in. The problem is that silos suggest order. Some logical grouping of like things. But this is hardly what we have in hospitality anymore.

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Leveling the Data Field: How Hotels Can Compete with Better Data Access

November 29, 2017 SnapShot Team

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods took over the business news this fall. A behemoth retailer acquiring a well-known but much smaller-scale grocer inspired a lot of speculation about what would change for Whole Foods and how. Of course, Amazon can afford to slash prices to grow the grocer’s market share, but clearly, Amazon must do something that makes Whole Foods’ model more sustainable. There’s no easy answer or there wouldn’t be so much conversation; however, among the things Amazon can offer that Whole Foods didn’t have before are large-scale efficiencies. As one expert in the field told The Washington Post, “The key to being a great retailer and great merchant is being incredibly efficient in terms of logistics and inventory management.”

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Analysis to Action: The Smart Way Independent Hotels Can Manage Distribution

November 16, 2017 Margaret Ady

You’ve surely heard before that the big brand investment in direct booking campaigns trickles down to independents (by way of travelers being more aware of the value of booking directly). Hotel brands have poured billions of dollars into direct booking campaigns, and a report by Hitwise in May of this year shows that for some of the major players, direct bookings are looking up. For everyone else, not so much. OTAs still achieved an almost 3% gain in market share, while hotels lost 3.87% (Skift).  So while ad campaigns may have paid off for the Wyndhams and Hiltons of the world, when it comes to smaller brands and independents, the battle for direct bookings is still raging.

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